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Shaft Input Flange Mounted RC Helical Gear Unit Reducer

Product Description

RC installation usage & maintenace

Pay attention to the following items when installing the reducer
(1) Before assembling the reducer with mechanical equipment, check whether the rotation direction of the output shaft of the reducer is correct;
(2) Before the reducer is assembled with prime mover and equipment, the deviation dimensions of each shaft diameter, hole diameter, key, and keyway shall be checked to avoid too tight and lose assembly affecting the performance of the reducer
(3) The reducer must be firmly installed on the mechanical equipment to avoid looseness or vibration
(4) Try to avoid exposing the reducer to the hot sun and harsh environment
(5) If the reducer is stored for 4-6 months, check whether the oil seal is soaked in the lubricating oil. The lip of the oil seal may stick to the shaft or even lose its elasticity. Since the suitable elasticity is the necessary working condition of the oil seal, it is recommended to replace the oil seal
(6) All rubber parts and vent holes shall not be stained with paint
(7) When matching and connecting with the hollow shaft or solid shaft of the reducer, the matching part of the shaft shall be coated with lubricating oil to avoid jamming or oxidation
(8) The oil level must be checked during use (e.g. oil level mirror hole or open the oil plug, which is not available for small models)
(9) When a new reducer is used, it cannot be started at full load, and the load should be gradually increased
(10) When various motors are used to connect the reducer, if the weight of the motor is too large, a support device shall be set
(11) Ensure a good ventilation environment near the motor fan to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect; two
The standard working ambient temperature of the reducer is – 5 ℃ to 40 ℃. If it is not in this range, please contact our technical service personnel.

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