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We can offer a full-range of energy transmission merchandise like chains, sprockets and plate wheels, pulleys, gearboxes, motors, couplings, gears and racks. EPG will usually adhere to it company spirit of becoming practical, revolutionary, efficient and excellent to make the leading global transmission push. Quality and credit are the bases that make a corporation alive.

Product description

The wind blown from huge EPTT ceiling fan feels like all-natural breeze technique,the wind velocity is just the greatest amazing sensation of XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.n skin. Personnel can truly feel the temperature big difference 5-8 diploma, offer personnel a appropriate operating surroundings in hot summer,consequently increase the generation performance.
Purpose of the fan:
one)air flow
The fan enhance air trade in an entire place, it really is perfect streamlined design and style can produces two-3m/s pace 3-dimensional wind, and helps make you really feel like enEPTTing the normal breeze technique.It encourages the dispersion of smoke, moisture, carbon dioXiHu (West EPT) and poor air with high specific gravity.So as to increase the good quality of operating area, EPT healthier, dry and safe working atmosphere, boost functioning efficiency.
It is comfort to be operated, manage program adopts the latest poleless frequency converter manage system.aside from of usefulness procedure, the XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.nized operation interface also makes it possible for you enEPTT the attractiveness of electronic and mechanic attain the life.

  1. Dehumidification

Simply because it can make large air quantity, properly advertise air circulation, so that the dampness is well dispersed, greatly minimizing the likelihood of troubles this kind of as bedbugs, fungi and so on.
four)stunning and tough
Soon after sophisticated surface area therapy,the merchandise can stay away from the ache of period cleansing,the EPT-overall performance ratio is the greatest,the existence of each enthusiast can reach more than10 a long time.

  1. energy preserving

The rated EPTT of the motor on the admirer is 1.5KW,each admirer can include one thousand square meter working region,eight hours for each day, is just ten degree EPTT energy usage,in comparison to standard modest fans and high EPTT intake air issue, large EPTT ceiling fan can be known as product of power conserving, can drastically decrease your operation EPT.
doing work basic principle :
Big ceiling admirer is a series of items EPTT deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ed for power saving,working environment improvement. As we all know,EPT is not the only way to attain the influence of cooling and comfort and ease. The region of a enthusiast could blow is deterEPTd by the diameter dimension of it, but has nothing at all to do with its speed.consequently, the EPTT fan with massive diameter and reduced speed combines all these traits .
Right after many years deeply research and exploration,by integrating oversea EPTd aeronautic EPT,we Dai sen deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ed a type of propeller blades with outstXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. functionality,it conforms steady and silent breeze by slowly and gradually rotation.The huge volume of airflow produced by its EPT and substantial successful blades press down,thus a almost perfect propeller exhaust is created.
It pushes large quantity of airflow to the ground,and constructed specified substantial amount airflow shifting horizontally,as a result generates a general air circulation.The edge is total floor protection and 3-dimensional circulation of air.
The pace of wind produced by quotLarge EPTT ceiling supporter quotis about 1-3m/s,completely calculated in accordance to the ideal feeling of cooling when the airflow go by way of XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.n pores and skin.also robust airflow helps make folks really feel irritable,a feeling of currently being blown directly,also large velocity of airflow also can make men and women dizzy,only the via the evaporation of skin brings together of breeze pace,can beautifies people’s experience of cooling.

quotDAISEN quotEPTT ceiling admirer complex stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd
Product Number ———————————————————-DS-seven.3
Procedure mode ———————————————————EPTT Operate
Diameter ——————————————————————24 FT / seven.three Meters
Blade Style ————————————————————- Airfoil/OP
Variety of Blades ——————————————————- 6
Nominal HorseEPTT ———————————————— two. HP / 1.5 kW
Hanging WeigEPTT (typical) ————————————– 156Kg
EPT WeigEPTT (IncXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. handle box, Mounting EPT) (regular) 186 Kg
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum dB——————————————————————-sixty
(*dB Values Had been Received by Testing. Specific Apps/Set up values could range.

Efficiency (at max velocity)
Displacement (fwd, blowing down) ———- 16800 CMM( m3/min)
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum Velocity———————————————————– 50 RPM
EPTT Use @ Max. Velocity ———————– one.5 kW
Effectiveness @ a hundred% Max. Pace —————————— 8.53CMM/Watt
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum Efficient Spot(may differ in accordance to diverse set up top, as well as beneath road blocks)—-600-1400 m2
Standard EPTT Spacing ——————————————–12-40 Meter

Mounting EPT
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Mount———————————
EPT I-Beam Clamp w/ Swivel EPTt and 250mm Fall
Glulam Mount (Optional) Brackets w/ Swivel EPTt amp200MM Fall

Additional Drop Extensions (Puyou)——— Up to 2m in 20cm Increments
EPT motor ——————————————————- CV40-thirty-1500
bearing composition ——————————————————- SKF weighty load bearing
design and style lifestyle ——————————————————- 12 a long time
HP ——————————————————- 2 / one.five kW
Ambient Working Temperature————- -20 C deg to 40C deg
Insulation Class ————————————– H
Defend Course——————————————IP 55
Work Contition——————————————- continuous S one
Service Element—————————————- .eight/.78
Type ——————————————————– two-Phase EPTcal
Service Interval——————————————-synthetic EPT lubricating grease,servicing free
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd EPTT and Max Amp Attract——————– –220V AC two Oslash (16A) OR 380 AC 3 Oslash (20A)
EPTT indication gentle——————————————————-fault/running(purple/inexperienced)
RF Line EPT————————————-RF
Air Breaker————————————— SchneiEPTT220V1 Oslash 16A 380V3 Oslash16A
VFD EPT Generate EPTT —————–RVV1*
Frequency Converter————————-
poleless frequency controller,(one.5KW)Basic safety Factors
turnbuckle screw
mechanical anti-dropping structure
plastic coated steel cable
Blade Retainer EPTs (6), Security EPTT, Guy Wires (Ceiling mount only)
high toughness screws and anti-skid nuts of 8.8,ten.nine, 12.9 grade for differnt structures.
a single calendar year part warranty on EPT,blade, EPTT amp EPTT Panel.

Item design

Model Voltage EPTT Diameter Max velocity Volume Sound quality Weight
Fengshen seires DS-seven.three 220V/380V one.5KW 7.3M 50 16800m sup3/min le60 156kg
DS-6.six 220V/380V one.5KW six.6M fifty five 12862m sup3/min le60 151kg
DS-6. 220V/380V one.5KW 6.0M 60 12261m sup3/min le60 148g
DS-five.four 220V/380V one.5KW five.4M 65 11963m sup3/min le60 144kg
XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis.g series DS-four.8 220V .75KW 4.8M 75 10675m sup3/min le40 60kg
DS-four.two 220V .52KW 4.2M 85 5213m sup3/min le40 56kg
DS-three.6 220V .40KW three.6M 95 3326m sup3/min le40 52kg
DS-3. 220V .35KW three.0M 120 2673m sup3/min le40 48kg

Essential component configuration

#9733EPT device

#8226Fengshen sequence admirer adopts EPTTiwan/German EPEPT

#8226XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis.g series adopts the industry’s very first non carbon brush, massive torque, DC EPT motor, changing the conventional motor pace EPTT, recognizing higher integration, improving reliability and EPTT effectiveness
#9733control system

#8226Fengshen sequence fan adopts EPTTiwan / Germany brand inverter stepless velocity alter (optional explosion-evidence controller) to configure circuit breaker overcurrent overload defense, cooling enthusiast and other parts

#8226XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis.g collection fan adopts a EPTT brush free controller
#9733fan blade

#8226The materials of the admirer blade adopts magnesium EPT alloy T6 therapy, corrosion resistance, higher toughness, higher toughness

#8226Advanced fluid EPTTlation software CFD EPTTlation and wind tunnel take a look at, in line with aerodynamic anti fatigue

#8226With the perform of delay commence, the load and impact of the motor are greatly decreased, and the support existence is EPTTer

#9733Structure elements

#8226The structural areas are fashioned by Q235B laser, bending the stiffener framework, and the thickest part is 8mm.

#8226Alloy metal higher energy bolts and anti-skid nuts are utilized for the bolts.

#8226Steel wire rope and turnbuckle rigidity structure to stabilize the fan towards slipping

#8226 The integrated chassis can avoid the threat of fracture, the coupling anti falling framework can stay away from screw flaws, the chassis can be dropped, the hole arrangement design of plywood framework can avert sliding, the adjustable structure is ideal for any installation problems, and the arc-formed adjustable midsection hole can be adjusted to make sure the plane amount of blade chassis

Comparison of three EPT approaches in 1000 square meter EPTT

EPT manner EPTtity EPTT/device EPTTll EPTT EPTT comparison
EPT air conditioner 1 80KW 80KW The walls and doors and home windows of the EPTT are necessary to be insulated. The EPT of one particular-time expenditure of the equipment is high, and the routine maintenance EPT of changing the filter aspect and including refrigerant is higher
Classic EPTT fan forty .3KW 12KW The set up of conventional wall fans is minimal by partitions and columns. The EPTT lines of ground followers are scattered, which has possible safety dangers. It is not secure for the hair of staff customers to be blended into the supporter blades, which occupies a modest space and covers a limited support lifestyle
7.3M huge EPTT ceiling fan one one.5KW 1.5KW Massive coverage spot, EPTT services daily life, lower servicing EPT, installation does not occupy the workshop area, safety and environmental defense

The vitality intake of massive EPTT ceiling enthusiast is about one / 50 of that of central air conditioner and 1 / 10 of that of classic EPTT wall fan

***Suitable locations of set up: Any high ample framework of factory,sport cEPTTr,logistic location,vehicle restore workshops,supermarket, airport,deal workshop,animal breading business,any kinds of corridor,as well as fitness cEPTTr and so on.
***HeigEPTT of installation: quotFengshen quot series merchandise for 6 meters to 20 meters top.
quotXiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis.g quot collection items for three meters to 6 meters height.
***Remedies for the 3 major kinds of installation constructions as over revealed images.

There are different kinds of developing structures. We provide you with the installation strategies of three typical constructions (rigEPTT figure):

Air flow of the admirer

Typical client programs

  in Bordeaux France  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Large Industrial Hvls Ventilation Ceiling Fan with Gearbox Motor Option manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Bordeaux France  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Large Industrial Hvls Ventilation Ceiling Fan with Gearbox Motor Option manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler