in Gomel Belarus sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Rexroth Planetary Gearbox Gft26 with Torque 26000nm manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Gomel Belarus  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Rexroth Planetary Gearbox Gft26 with Torque 26000nm manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

We have exported our goods to Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy, Norway, the United states, Canada, and many others. Keeping in thoughts that very good service is the important to cooperating with customers, we attempt to satisfy high high quality requirements, offer aggressive rates and make certain prompt supply. Our merchandise range also handles locking assemblies (clamping elements/locking unit), taper bushes, QD bushes, bolt-on hubs, torque limiters, shaft collars, motor bases and motor slides, chain detachers, chain guides, universal joint, rod ends and yokes.

EPT Planetary EPT Gft26 with Torque 26000nm

EPTse wheels include the selection from a hundred to 35000 Nm. EPTy are best for translation handle in tracked automobiles (excavators, drilling EPTs, and so on.) demanding reliable hydraulic disk parking brakes of the damaging variety. EPTy also provide compact coupling solutions on aXiHu (West Lake) piston motors and semi-integrated orbital motors. EPT installation and all round dimension of wheel travel are strictly developed in accordance with EPT and American companies, so they can be totally interchangeable with EPTrevini CTU and RF sequence, EPTonfiglioli 600 series and Reggiana Riduttori RRTD collection on functionality and link dimensions. EPTy are the ideal merchandise to substitute individuals Italian goods.


1) Rotating housing flange with studs to match wheels and drums

2) Rugged design

3) Large torque capability

4) Substantial load capability

five) EPT life time seals

six) Compact style

7) Optional mechanical equipment disengagement on request

8) EPTortant purposes: agricultural EPTs, access platforms, fork elevate trucks, sweepers, minimal speed wheeled autos

Sort Ratio (I) T2 (daNm) T2 max (daNm) Max enter revs (revs/min)
RTD 110 5.fifty four 60 100 900
RTD one hundred eighty six.1 eighty one hundred eighty 900
RTD 220 one hundred twenty 220 900
RTD 300 190 three hundred 900
RTD 800D fifty three/forty one.nine/thirty.2/26.eight/22.1 430 800 3500
RTD 1000D 23.7/27.two/32.three/forty 490 a thousand 3500
RTD 1700T 64.23/76.06/85.42/ninety eight.forty one/112.ninety one/126.seventy five/138.72/145.96/155.71/179.26 1100 1700 3500
RTD 2400T 61.1/72.two/ninety.4/a hundred and five/118/127/137/166 1700 2400 3500
RWD200 90 two hundred 900
RWD300 5.two one hundred thirty 300 900
RWD500D 15/eighteen.2/24.two/29.3 250 550 3500
RWD600D thirty.two/38.eight/forty five.8/fifty six.two 340 seven-hundred 3500
RWD800D 53/forty one.nine/30.two/26.8/ 430 800 3500
RWD1000D seventeen.eight 650 1100 2000
RWD1600D 26.eight/33.3/38.2/forty five/fifty five.two 800 1600 3000
RWD1700T 64.23/76.06/eighty five.42/ninety eight.41/112.ninety one/126.75/138.72/one hundred forty five.96/a hundred and fifty five.seventy one/179.26 1100 1700 3500

one, very good quality
2, reduced cost, EPT EPT motor EPT
3, provide before long

Major performances Unit Parameters
Overall top(chassis/EPT chassis) mm 22,660/22,700
Functioning bodyweight(chassis/EPT chassis) t eighty/82
Max. EPT diameter mm 2,200
Max. EPT depth(friction Kelly/inter-locking Kelly) m eighty four/58
Rotary Push
Max. output torque kN.m 280
Velocity of rotation rpm nine~24
Crowd technique
Crowd pressure kN 220
Line pull kN 220
Stroke mm seven,500
Major winch
Line pull(1st layer) kN 290
Rope diameter mm 32
Max. line pace m/min 48
AuXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary winch
Line pull(1st layer) kN a hundred and ten
Rope diameter mm 20
Max. line pace m/min 70
Mast inclination
EPT deg three
Lateral deg plusmn3.5

Our organization can generate rexroth EPT in accordance to customer’ requirement.

HYDROTRAC GFT is an excellent driving part for wheel or keep track of driving automobiles, and other shifting products and widely utilized in excavator, EPTing EPT, drill EPT, cellular crusher, engineering EPTry, mining, tunnel EPTry, agricultural EPTry, etc. Meanwhile, various motor connectors and dimensions are obtainable on request. It is an ideal replacement of EPT items.
EPT Gft Planetary EPT, Closing Generate GFT17 GFT24 Gft36 GFT forty GFT50 Gft60 Gft80 Gft110 Gft160
R988006394 GFT80W3EPT99-15
R988006524 GFT80W3EPT99-24
R988006398 GFT80W3EPT99-28
R988006399 GFT80W3EPT99-29
R988006532 GFT80W3EPT99-31
R98805710 GFT80W3EPT99-37
R988006531 GFT60W3EPT86-02
R988006536 GFT60W3EPT86-07
R988006338 GFT60W3EPT86~571-8822571/88220973
R988006544 GFT60W3EPT86-18
R988006344 GFT60W3EPT86~571-8822571/88220973
R98857133 GFT60W3EPT86~571-8822571/88220973
R988045829 GFT7T2EPT51-01
R98857156 GFT7T2EPT63-01
R988006359 GFT80T3-185-03
R988007456 GFT80T3EPT127-01 W/O MOTOR
R988056701 GFT80T3EPT127-09
R988064513 GFT80T3EPT127-09 W/O MOTOR
R988006366 GFT80T3EPT150-01
R988006367 GFT80T3EPT150-02
R988006370 GFT80T3EPT185-06
R98857127 GFT80T3EPT185-ten
R988049613 GFT80T3EPT185-10 W/O MOTOR
R988062758 GFT80T3EPT185-11
R988006374 GFT80T3EPT204
R988006375 GFT80T3EPT77-01
R988006551 GFT80W3EPT127-07
R988006866 GFT80W3EPT127-14
R988018309 GFT80W3EPT127-seventeen
R98857113 GFT80W3EPT127-19
R98857163 GFT60A3EPT65-03
R988006277 GFT60T3EPT106-03
R988007386 GFT60T3EPT106-05 W/O MOTOR
R988006284 GFT60T3EPT106-thirteen
R988006286 GFT60T3EPT120-06
R988045831 GFT60T3EPT140-19
R98805571 GFT60T3EPT140-20
R988006307 GFT60T3EPT170-06
R988006308 GFT60T3EPT170-08
R988007445 GFT60T3EPT170-twelve W/O MOTOR
R988045830 GFT60T3EPT64-01
R988006314 GFT60T3EPT86-02
R988006322 GFT60W3EPT106-06
R988006323 GFT60W3EPT106-11
R988054345 GFT60W3EPT106-20
R988018532 GFT60W3EPT170-11
R988007035 GFT60W3EPT400 W/O MOTOR
R988006589 GFT60W3EPT64-01
R988006591 GFT60W3EPT64-02
R988006526 GFT60W3EPT64-03
R9885711 GFT60W3EPT64-09
R988054749 GFT60W3EPT64-10
R988064141 GFT60W3EPT64-twelve
R988006136 GFT24T2EPT19-01
R988006137 GFT24T2EPT19-03
R988006143 GFT24T3EPT103-07
R988049105 GFT26T2EPT43-08
R988006159 GFT26T2EPT51-02
R988006160 GFT26T2EPT62-06
R988006173 GFT26W2EPT62-06
R988006177 GFT26W2EPT62-10
R988006178 GFT26W2EPT62-15
R988018533 GFT26W2EPT62-twenty
R988045637 GFT34T2EPT43-01
R988006187 GFT36T2EPT28-02
R988006189 GFT36T3-131-04
R9885719 GFT36T3-131-04 W/O MOTOR
R988006199 GFT36T3EPT100-twelve
R988006216 GFT36T3EPT139-01
R9885712 GFT36T3EPT139-02 W/O MOTOR
R988046030 GFT36T3EPT139-07
R988047857 GFT36T3EPT67-fifteen
R988006228 GFT36T3EPT79-09
R988006966 GFT36T3EPT79-09 W/O MOTOR
R988065729 GFT36W3EPT100-06
R988006244 GFT36W3EPT67-03
R988017691 GFT36W3EPT67-sixteen
R988006255 GFT36W3EPT79-twenty five
R988040808 GFT36W3EPT79-30
R98857110 GFT36W3EPT79-32
R9885718 GFT40T2EPT41-04
R988040578 GFT40T2EPT41-05
R988006266 GFT40W2EPT49-01
R988006267 GFT40W2EPT49-02
R988046595 GFT40W2EPT59-15
R98857123 GFT40W2EPT59-16
R988056131 GFT40W2EPT59-seventeen
R988045363 GFT50T3EPT100-01
R98857162 GFT50T3EPT177-04
R988006274 GFT60A2EPT40-01
R98805711 GFT110W3EPT96-09
R988018531 GFT110W3EPT96-21
R988044467 GFT110W3EPT96-28
R988045311 GFT110W3EPT96-thirty
R988045315 GFT110W3EPT96-34
R98857173 GFT110W3EPT96-36
R98857175 GFT110W3EPT96-38
R988065817 GFT110W3EPT96-forty
R988017539 GFT13T2EPT32-01
R988006082 GFT17T2EPT45-21
R988006086 GFT17T2EPT45-twenty five
R988017334 GFT17T2EPT45-33
R988006089 GFT17T2EPT54-04
R988006090 GFT17T2EPT54-05
R988006093 GFT17T2EPT54-09
R988006886 GFT17T2EPT54-twelve W/O MOTOR
R98857112 GFT17T2EPT54-22
R988006105 GFT17T3EPT78-07
R98857124 GFT17T3EPT88-05
R988006118 GFT17W2EPT45-fifteen
R988006119 GFT17W2EPT45-16
R988058732 GFT17W3EPT78-06 W/O MOTOR
R91605715 GFT2160E/thirty-AAAA0045M1-HA1/0170AS0-0CJ
R916008231 GFT2160E/30-AAAA0045M1-HA1/0170AS0-0CJ
R988056777 GFEPT26T2EPT52-02
R988005877 GFEPT26T2EPT63-twelve
R988005879 GFEPT36T2EPT24-04
R988005881 GFEPT36T2EPT24-06
R988056999 GFEPT36T3EPT101-twelve
R988005909 GFEPT36T3EPT101-29
R9885710 GFEPT36T3EPT101-30
R9885711 GFEPT36T3EPT101-31
R9885713 GFEPT36T3EPT101-33
R9885717 GFEPT36T3EPT101-37
R988006816 GFEPT36T3EPT101-38
R98805712 GFEPT36T3EPT118-06
R98805714 GFEPT36T3EPT118-10
R98857185 GFEPT36T3EPT118-11
R988048093 GFEPT36T3EPT118-12
R98857195 GFEPT36T3EPT132-ten
R988054750 GFEPT36T3EPT132-11
R9885711 GFEPT36T3EPT68-03
R9885713 GFEPT36T3EPT68-05
R988046591 GFEPT36T3EPT68-eleven
R98805713 GFEPT36T3EPT80-15
R98805715 GFEPT36T3EPT80-17
R9880571 GFEPT36T3EPT80-seventeen W/O MOTOR
R98805717 GFEPT40T2EPT49-01

  in Gomel Belarus  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Rexroth Planetary Gearbox Gft26 with Torque 26000nm manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Gomel Belarus  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Rexroth Planetary Gearbox Gft26 with Torque 26000nm manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler